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How To Protect Credit Card Numbers From Criminals
By sending fake emails criminals do phishing. Once the criminal has your social security number and credit card information, he is more than likely to use that information to go on a shopping spree stealing your money and running up your account.
The very criminals want credit card numbers and information so they can run up the charges then leave you holding the bags with nothing to show for it. Even though some are local, most credit card criminals are in far away lands and they like to hide or go by other names so it’s virtually impossible to track them down.
The most common way for criminals to get credit card information is through phishing, which involves a fake email that appears to be sent from your credit card company. Normally, this fake email states that there was an error with your account, or that it was accessed by unauthorized personnel and needs your attention.
Spotting fake emails- the link is what gives the fake email away. Anytime you get an email from a credit card that you believe to be fake, you should always hover your mouse over the link, then “right click” the link with the mouse and select “view source”.
If the link is indeed fake, the website address that comes up will be something other than that of a credit card company. The criminals don’t want you to look at the source for their website, as they simply want you to click on the link before you look at anything else.
Once you have clicked on the link, you’ll arrive at a website that is usually an exact copy of a credit card website. Fake sites normally include everything that the actual site does, including the logos and banners. Even for the most amateur of credit card criminals, web pages like this are very easy to create.
Those of you who have fell victim to this scam, probably realized what you have done little too late. Once you have entered in your credit card information, you have done exactly what the criminals wanted and put yourself in violation of credit card fraud and identity theft.
If you receive an email such as this, you should always delete it. you should never click on a link that you believe to be a fake credit card company website because even though you may not enter any information at all, your computer may get infected with viruses or spyware simply because you clicked on the link.
A criminal will do anything to get what they want, which is why protecting yourself is so very important these days.

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